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Unique stay in the Eternal City


  • Culinary discoveries and insider tips
  • Private tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • Ancient Rome and historic Rome with private tours
  • Private driver throughout your stay

Rome on another way

Are you a repeater Rome visitor or is this the first time in the Eternal City? Our programs are guaranteed to enrich you with new experiences. You will stay in a luxurious city center hotel with special service. Visit the unique cultural and historical highlights, discover Roman cuisine and immerse yourself in the bubbly lifestyle of this passionate city. We will guide you!

DAY 1 ROME – The city and the Blue Hour

On your arrival day late in the afternoon, your driver will pick you up from the hotel for the blue hour program through Rome. As the day comes to an end, Rome shows itself in its most beautiful colors: in the setting sun, the facades of the houses shine in rich red-gold, in the blue hour they turn silver-blue, and after sunset in the golden light of the lanterns to dive. Anyone who lives in Rome knows that you can fall in love with Rome, especially in these two hours! Observe the Eternal City from the terrace of the National Monument Vittorio Emanuele on the Piazza Venezia - your guide will lay the city at your feet.

This is followed by a short walk through Trastevere, the district on the other side of the Tiber with its own charm: a little sleepy during the day, it appears like a village with its narrow streets and small houses. You can hear the clatter of espresso cups in the bars, the Romans sit on the piazza and read the newspaper. In the evening, however, Trastevere is transformed. It's colorful, fun and loud because Rome meets here for dinner - join in too!

Spend a wonderful evening meal at Pierluigi's. Opened in 1938 by Umberto Pierluigi as a simple trattoria, it is now owned by Lorenzo Lisi, who has made the restaurant a top address for excellent food. The first restaurant in Rome with a cocktail bar, it combines modern gastronomy and elegance with deep Roman roots. The tables in one of the most beautiful and smallest piazzas in Rome make dinner at Pierluigi an extraordinary moment.

DAY 2 ROME – The historic center

Your driver will take you directly to the historic center. On foot you will discover the “highlights of Rome” - famous squares, winding streets and the unique atmosphere of the city. The combination of tour and tour includes: Aventine Hill with the Orange Garden, Circus Maximus, Palatine Hill, Caracalla Baths, Quirinals Square with our Presidential Palace, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and Pantheon.

For lunch you take a break at Grano. The grain, symbol of the restaurant, runs like a common thread through all areas of the restaurant: the bright furnishings with works by the painter Enzo Apicella, the dishes that are reminiscent of the south of Italy, the sun and the love of the sea. Everything conveys the balance between quality, creativity and taste. In the kitchen, Danilo does his best with dishes that appeal to the heart and the palate. Saverio, who is always up for a nice chat, welcomes everyone in the hall. We love this little place right in the heart of Rome and share this love with guests like the former Prime Minister of Italy Mario Monti. The outdoor terrace offers a view of a small Roman square.

In the afternoon you will discover your own Rome. If you wish, your concierge will take care of table reservations for dinner. Our hint: Ristorante Camponeschi on Piazza Farnese. Would like more? Visit a secret “speakeasy” bar in the heart of Rome.

DAY 3 ROME - Vatican Gardens, St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums

Your driver will take you directly to St. Peter's Square for special access to the Vatican City grounds. The Vatican has been a separate state since 1929, the borders of which consist of a 25 meter high wall. The three access gates are closely guarded by the world-famous Swiss guards. You will be met at the Porta degli Uffizi by our confidant and led onto the Vatican grounds through the Vatican Gardens.

The Vatican Gardens cover 50% of the territory of this dwarf state, which is 44 hectares in size. After the walk through the Pope's private gardens, the Swiss guardsman leads the guests through a special entrance and past all controls into St. Peter's Basilica. The guide shows you the highlights of the largest church in the world, which not only has space for 20,000 people, but also where the greatest masters of art, such as Michelangelo and Bernini, worked.

Spend your lunch in the city and enjoy the afternoon. A unique experience awaits you in the early evening. We allow the Vatican Museums to open exclusively for you outside of normal opening hours. The main focus of the tour are the rooms (rooms) of the most important popes of the Renaissance, painted by Raphael, and the Sistine Chapel, on whose ceiling Michelangelo bore witness to his limitless skills.

The Vatican Museums are the largest art collection in the world. 7 kilometers of corridors filled with the most famous works of art from all eras of human creation are waiting to be discovered. Around 30,000 guests flock to the Vatican Museums every day - from morning to evening they are completely overcrowded. The Sistine Chapel is incredibly beautiful, but it's best when you don't have to share it with thousands of other visitors. Standing alone in the Sistine Chapel, accompanied only by your guide and Vatican security, is a breathtaking experience!

After the visit we recommend a special dinner. Your concierge will take care of table reservations.

DAY 4 - Ancient Rome

Your driver will take you to the Roman Forum. After its founding, Rome became the capital of an empire that had never existed before: its power stretched from Gibraltar to Scotland and the Orient. Much of what the Romans brought to life is still firmly anchored in our habits. Just think of the tradition of meeting on Saturday lunchtime in the piazza for a chat…
On the tour of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, you will receive a lively introduction to the life of Roman society. The guide brings great personalities such as Julius Caesar and Augustus and famous gladiators to life and takes you into the world of the ancient Romans. Of course, it gets very exciting in the Colosseum, which is bathed in red-gold light by the setting sun.

In the evening you will spend an unforgettable dinner - in style with a view of the Colosseum - in the star restaurant Aroma.

DAY 5 - Departure

Your driver will take you to the airport or your next destination.

Would you like to stay in Rome longer? We have more ideas.

More program highlights in Rome

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  • Visit to Castel Gandolfo - the Pope's summer residence
  • A day on the beach – Rome by the sea
  • Rome film set tour
  • Shopping with a top stylist
  • Rome opera visit on the Piazza Navona

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This is our suggested program for a 5-day stay in Rome. Remember – you decide the length of the stay, the program and the accommodation. We create your program according to your personal rhythm, budget and interest. Everything is possible!

We are looking forward to your inquiry and we are sure to fulfill your individual needs.

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