Luxury vacation in Italy's enchanting South: rent a dream villa in Apulia

Apulia is one of the largest and most populous regions in Italy and is surrounded by the regions of Molise, Campaign and Basilicata. Apulia, with its capital Bari, has the longest coastline compared to any other region of mainland Italy and access to various sea currents, such as the Adriatic, the Ionian Sea, the Gulf of Taranto and the Strait of Otranto. At the southernmost point of Italy's boot heel is the municipality of Salento, which is particularly famous for its crystal-clear and turquoise-green bathing bays. Equipped with a simple pair of swimming goggles, you can spot lots of colorful fish underwater when you rent a luxury villa in Puglia near the shore.

The heel of the Italian boot is so narrow that you can have breakfast on the Adriatic coast at sunrise and enjoy a cocktail in one of the beach bars on the other side of the Ionian Sea at sunset. The drive from coast to coast is just an hour! In addition to the sea breeze, the scent of olive groves and lemon trees is in the air; after all, 40% of Italy's olive oil production comes from here.

When you rent a villa in Apulia, in addition to the romantic grottos and unforgettable white sandy beaches, there is the UNESCO heritage of the trullo houses and many festivals to discover.

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Worth seeing

The heel of the Italian boot turns out to be an exciting and up-and-coming region around the sophisticated baroque metropolis of Lecce. Nature and culture lovers will get their money's worth in Salento, the home of tarantella music, at any time of the year. The enchanting town of Castro, the Kalos theme park and the Archeodrome of Salento are also definitely worth a visit.

You will certainly have already discovered the rock arch of Sant Andrea on the postcard images of Apulia. This rock extends out of the sea and offers its own natural pool. A treasure lies in the dunes of the little-visited stretch of beach between Casalabate and San Cataldo. 50 meters from the shore you can inspect a washed-up British Navy shipwreck or discover rock carvings from the Stone Age in the Grotta de Zinzulusa.

Apulia's original 17th-century Trullo houses have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are located near Bari. The roofs are shaped like a cone and the small village of Alberobello not only offers medieval charm, but also small markets and Italian delicacies.

Climate and best travel period

The summer season is long in Apulia and you can expect sunshine and warm summer nights almost every day. The beaches fill up in the summer months of April to June, so a visit in the low season is also recommended, when the beaches in Apulia are empty but the sea is still warm.

Entertainment & Nightlife

Diving, dancing, swimming, kayaking, mountain biking - whatever you want, you'll find it there. Apulia has everything to entertain the adventurous and culture-loving. Apulia is not only a suitable place for sun lovers, but also for cliff divers. Impressive competitions take place every year on the high sea cliffs. At the same time, Apulia is also known as a vibrant party destination. Young Italians and travelers in particular seek out the nightlife in Foggia or Gallipoli to visit the many bars, concerts and festivals with international DJs.

Above all, Salento offers a full calendar of traditional and Christian festivals. The church festivals are in no way inferior to other parties; there is extensive celebration, eating and dancing. When it gets dark, all the fairy lights are switched on in one fell swoop and the city is transformed into a magical dome of light. The festival ends with a gigantic fireworks display and you should definitely visit Salento at night if you rent a fantastic villa in Puglia.

Eat & Drink

Apulia's simple country cuisine benefits from fresh fishing from the Adriatic and Ionian Seas as well as home-pressed olive oil. This is served with home-baked bread, which is still baked in communal wood-burning ovens in somewhat remote villages.

Many recipes are passed down from generation to generation and of course the southern variations of Italian pizza and pasta classics cannot be missing from the menu in Apulia. Would you like to enjoy an Italian BBQ on your own terrace with a view of the sea? Our concierge service will be happy to organize a local chef for you who will provide you with the culinary delights of Puglia during your stay.

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