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Sun - Sea & Sand

Longing for the endless horizon on the other end of the pool, but also wishing to ride the waves and feel the mixture of salt, sand and sea breeze on your skin? In our sun - sea & sand you will find selected properties, which feature either a private beach or are not farther than one kilometer from the sea. Enjoy a unique summer vacation – even in winter – in a luxury villa or a small but elegant boutique hotel.

279 results
Villa Cara§§§Villa Cara
Italy | Amalfi Coast
Villa Mercurio§§§Villa Mercurio
Italy | Tuscany
Campiglia Marittima
Villa Cortes in Palma§§§Villa Cortes in Palma
Spain | Majorca
Villa Bianca§§§Villa Bianca
Croatia | Dalmatia
Villa Olivo Le Marche§§§Villa Olivo Le Marche
Italy | Marche
Civitanova Marche
Villa Estelle in Son Vida§§§Villa Estelle in Son Vida
Spain | Majorca
Son Vida
Villa Grimaud§§§Villa Grimaud
France | Var - Saint Tropez
Villa Beauvallon§§§Villa Beauvallon
France | Var - Saint Tropez
Villa Natalya in Brtonigla§§§Villa Natalya in Brtonigla
Croatia | Istria
Villa Charisma§§§Villa Charisma
Croatia | Istria
Villa Ada in Costa Smeralda§§§Villa Ada in Costa Smeralda
Italy | Sardinia
7 bedrooms | 13 persons max.
Villa Blue Star§§§Villa Blue Star
Greece | Crete


Firstclass Concierge

Enjoy the privacy of a villa and use the service of a 5 star hotel.

Firstclass Cars

The villa right on the beach and mobile. Firstclass Cars cares about your car rental - with or without a chauffeur.

Firstclass Jets

Turn your arrival and departure a great experience, avoid waiting times at airports.

Firstclass Boats

Vacation on a private yacht is like the perfect synergy of private villa and hotel.

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