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Christmas Spirit in London

As the winter's embrace settles upon the iconic cityscape of London, an enchanting transformation begins, weaving an ethereal tapestry of festive allure. In the heart of this bustling metropolis, the spirit of Christmas dances through the air, adorning the historic streets with a captivating charm.

The timeless landmarks, from the regal Buckingham Palace to the historic Tower Bridge, become adorned with twinkling lights and garlands, casting a spellbinding glow upon the city's thoroughfares. The crisp air carries melodies of joyous carols performed by talented choirs, resonating through the cobblestone alleys and bustling squares.

London's illustrious shopping destinations, like the iconic Harrods and the elegant Fortnum & Mason, don their finest seasonal displays, inviting guests into a world of opulent decorations and bespoke gifts, evoking a sense of wonder and delight.

A stroll through the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park unveils a mesmerizing spectacle—an immersive festive carnival filled with whimsical ice skating, charming market stalls offering artisanal crafts, and the inviting aroma of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, heightening the senses with every step.

The West End theatres come alive with captivating performances of timeless classics like "A Christmas Carol" and "The Nutcracker," captivating audiences with their captivating storytelling and evocative scenery, stirring the hearts of both young and old.

At dusk, the skyline transforms into a symphony of color as the majestic London Eye and the towering Shard illuminate the night sky, painting a picture-perfect backdrop for a magical evening of seasonal celebrations.

In this jubilant atmosphere, London becomes a canvas of festive magic, inviting all to partake in the joyous revelry and create cherished memories amidst the glittering beauty of the holiday season.

Enjoy the magic romantic by two or with the whole family. Our signature program selection offers unique ideas for every taste.

For a luxury stay choose the exquisite Rosewood London in prime location in High Holborn. Spacious suites are available for larger families or groups of friends:

For 2 persons or smaller groups, send us your request - we will create a tailor-made offer for you.

A Night in the Museum

A special experience with the royal and art expert Linda Hugo. She can guid you behind closed doors, where there is much more to discover.

Arrive at the National Gallery in atmospheric Trafalgar Square, where your host and experienced curator will personally welcome you.

Embark on a captivating journey through the gallery's majestic halls, where every wall showcases priceless works of art. Discover the hidden secrets behind iconic masterpieces on a private, curated tour tailored specifically to your favorite artists and works. Enjoy the freedom to view and appreciate the intricate details of your favorite pieces, with ample time to immerse yourself in each masterpiece without the need for the public to be present.

A champagne reception awaits as the uplifting sounds of a violin sonata echo through the majestic galleries. One of Britain's finest violinists will showcase his talents on an extremely rare Stradivarius violin, considered a Mona Lisa of its kind. Share fascinating insights into the instrument's origins and unique qualities during a truly magical evening of art and music.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Retreat

Personal and tailor-made with Dr. Storm

Treat yourself to an exclusive experience with Dr. Barbara Sturm during your stay in London. The renowned skin care expert Dr. Sturm will personally welcome you to her renowned London clinic, where you will receive a comprehensive skin consultation and a personalized skin care routine with an exquisite range of products, including the legendary MC1 Blood Cream.

Feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated throughout your stay with the opportunity to unwind at Sense, A Rosewood Spa.

Your Dr. Barbara Sturm experience includes:

  • Private appointment with Dr. Barbara Sturm in the London clinic
  • MC1 Blood Cream by Barbara and End Level
  • Skin consultation and complete Storm routine
  • Exclusive shopping opportunity of Sturm products

Visit Hogwarts in the Snow

Magic for large and small magicians

Experience the magic world of Harry Potter and explore iconic sets transformed into a magical winter experience. From the Great Hall, adorned with gold embellishments from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, to the Hogwarts Castle model, sets are displayed in festive splendor throughout the studio. Learn the secrets behind ice that never melts and fire that never burns, and see how a blanket of cinematic snow covers the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, and the magnificent Hogwarts castle model.

Small Car, big City

Unique city tour with Mini Cooper

Explore some of London's most famous landmarks from the passenger seat of a classic Mini Cooper. The elegantly dressed guides will show you the best of London as they lead you through the city's bustling streets. While parents do their best impressions of Michael Caine, visit all the must-see sights like Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral and more. At the end of the tour, you'll receive a curated selection of books to take home.

Must-See in London


Whether it's the magnificent halls of Kensington Palace, the Tudor opulence of Hampton Court Palace or the iconic Tower of London, the capital's palaces tell compelling stories of the monarchy. Travel through a millennium of history where public dramas unfold and the realms of scandal and mystery intertwine.


Located in the vibrant Marylebone district, Alfie’s is considered London’s largest indoor market. Discover a treasure trove of antiques, jewelry and ceramics, then treat yourself to a well-deserved break in the charming restaurants and cozy cafés of this charming area.


Former studio home of Victorian artist Frederic, Lord Leighton showcases one of his collections of his own paintings as well as other prominent Pre-Raphaelite artists. He was very involved in creating the design of his home and the furnishings are inspired by his worldly travels. A highlight of the house is the “Arabic Hall,” which is decorated with tiles and exquisite examples of Islamic art from his travels to the Middle East.

Explore the fascinating district of Covent Garden

London´s Christmas Market

Covent Garden is a lively and historic area, a few minutes walk from Rosewood London. Here you can experience the authentic Christmas atmosphere with impressive decorations, shops and restaurants.

Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Manifesto

High Fashion History

The Victoria & Albert Museum is proud to present the first exhibition in the UK dedicated to the life and work of the pioneer Coco Chanel, who is still continues to influence the fashion world today. Let us to create this VIP experience and organize your personal appointment at the Chanel flagship store on New Bond Street with private transfer.

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