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The stuff of which holiday dreams are made

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Holiday home or villa providers are ten a penny. Why is the brand firstclass holidays special?

Let me make a comparison with the Haute Couture fashion: It does not really matter that you, at first glance recognizes the fur or silk, which you wear. You know it yourself and it feels good. Anyone else can discover it by chance. Or even not. My idol, Coco Chanel, defined luxury similar. And in this sense we create offers individually according to the wishes and ideas of our clients - tailored haute couture. A kind of travel atelier is far not a holiday home agency. Experience and care are required. The team of firstclass holidays has worked for almost 20 years in tourism. We are touristic professional with heart and soul and excited for our job.

You are talking about tailor made?

Absolutely. In our portfolio are luxury villas, romantic chalets and holiday homes, carefully selected, exactly on the same way how we select our partners we work with. It comes on exceptional location, exclusive furnishings and absolute reliability. Most of the properties in our portfolio are available on, but we do also individual research to match our customer’s imaginations. Our extensive network allows us to find the perfect offer. It is one of our claims to help our clients personally and individually to let their holiday dreams come true. We have already organized complete weddings, big family birthday party, or even designed a villa by ourselves. The wide range of services are the accessories for the dream vacation – from house staff, concierge service or the organization of car, boat or helicopter, just to mention few examples.

Where are the properties from first class holidays?

Worldwide. Which season, destination, whether at the sea or in the mountains, in the Caribbean as well as in India - on we offer exceptional and carefully selected holiday homes, villas, fincas and chalets. And if the client wishes also hotels.

And if you don’t want to stay just at one spot during your vacation?

Then have a look at our trip suggestions. How about "Honeymoon in Bollywood" or "Spicy South" in India? Or "Girls just wanna have fun" - a shopping-culture trip, for example, Italy's cities Rome-Florence-Milan-Venice. Also Miami or New York, Safari in Africa connected with some beach holidays. We create the holiday dream according to our client’s wishes. We always say "You have a rest, we take care of the rest."

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