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The Queen of the Greek Islands

Why to fall in love with Mykonos

The islands of Greece are ‘unpassably’ photogenic with the contrast of white and blue combined with golden sand and pink sunsets. Its ancient bare rocks contrast starkly with the whiteness of the traditional peasant houses and luxury villas. Mykonos is part of the Cyclades and lies between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. Like every Greek island, Mykonos has its own inimitable charm that sets it apart from the rest. Greek culture can be experienced around every corner with lots of history, tours and festivals on offer. On Mykonos, you can visit the birthplace of Apollo and set foot on the battlefield where Hercules killed the invincible Giants. The vibrant walking streets and pulsating energy of the locals and visitors will make you want to roam the streets until you find yourself lost!

There are several things you simply have to do when you visit Mykonos.

Wander Mykonos town with its cute boutiques. I could hardly progress down a street without taking a photo. It is the perfect town to explore on foot. Wander through Little Venice’s maze of narrow alleyways. There are lots of cafes, bars and boutique stores where you can find genuinely amazing gifts and souvenirs. We walked up to the celebrated windmills and towards several little bars stretched out along the coast. Everyone goes to watch the sunset at the windmills of which Mykonos has 16. Visit as many beaches as you can. Elia Beach is the longest stretch of white sands in Mykonos. It has transparent waters and plenty of taverns and bars from which to choose. Besides Elia, the three popular beaches are Paranga, Paradise, and Super Paradise. Take a boat tour. It is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. You may want to arrange a private sailing trip or a tour on one of the island’s glass-bottomed boats.

Mykonos is a true food lover's dream!

You can enjoy a straightforward Greek meal in an amiable tavern, hidden away in a labyrinth of small streets, or you can delight in international gourmet cuisine in one of the five-star club restaurants.

Pasta Fresca Barkia is great for homemade pasta. La Casa is the perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy the constant flow of people passing by. Scorpios is one of the only places to succeed in being both a terrific restaurant, and a great place for a party. Interni restaurant brings a Miami or even Havana-like feel to the Mediterranean. Built into a cove next to Kalafati beach, Spilia is one of the more elegant restaurants on the island. Looking for a romantic spot? Avra is your first option with its bougainvillea-drenched courtyard. Enjoy delicious homemade ice cream at I Scream. It does not get much better than this on a hot day. Kastro’s Bar is home to arguably one of the most photographed passageways overlooking the water. Play it by ear and you will surely find your perfect foodie niche!

Mykonos Airport is located just outside Mykonos town and it is served by international flights during summer. Make sure to check if your departing flight is running on time. Mykonos is also accessible by boat and ferries that travel there daily from the surrounding islands and from Athens. On the island, you can travel around by taxi, boat or bus.

Mykonos is hot in summer and stays warm even after the sun goes down, so remember thin clothes, your swimsuit and your hat, all in hues of white and blue! A trip to this magical island is memorable in every way and I cannot wait to plan a trip back.

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