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Big City Life

Not in the mood for sea, sand or mountains? Explore the most colorful cities and cultural capitals of this world! Vibrant bustle, shopping or a little culture shock – all that you can experience, combined in modern inner-city hotels or chic city apartments with personalized services.

17 results
Villa Ragusa in Dubrovnik§§§Villa Ragusa in Dubrovnik
Croatia | Dalmatia
Villa First Crescent in Camps Bay§§§Villa First Crescent in Camps Bay
South Africa | Capetown
6 bedrooms | 12 persons max.
Landhaus Salzburg§§§Landhaus Salzburg
Austria | Salzburg Land
Villa Beccaguti in Mantova§§§Villa Beccaguti in Mantova
Italy | Lake Garda
Palazzo Dimora in Catania§§§Palazzo Dimora in Catania
Italy | Sicily
5 bedrooms | 10 persons max.
Charles Street§§§Charles Street
United Kingdom | London
London, Westminster
Artesian Road§§§Artesian Road
United Kingdom | London
Apartment Rue Scheffer§§§Apartment Rue Scheffer
France | Paris
3 bedrooms | 6 persons max.
Apartment Passage Saint Antoine§§§Apartment Passage Saint Antoine
France | Paris
1 bedrooms | 2 persons max.
Exchange Court§§§Exchange Court
United Kingdom | London
London, Croydon
Rosewood Avenue§§§Rosewood Avenue
United States | Los Angeles
Los Angeles
4 bedrooms | 9 persons max.
Apartment Quai des Grands Augustins§§§Apartment Quai des Grands Augustins
France | Paris
1 bedrooms | 2 persons max.
Canyon House§§§Canyon House
United States | Los Angeles
Los Angeles
2 bedrooms | 4 persons max.
Gerald Road§§§Gerald Road
United Kingdom | London
London, Westminster
Gloucester Walk§§§Gloucester Walk
United Kingdom | London
London, Kensington and Chelsea
1 bedrooms | 2 persons max.


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