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“Luxury is a coat with silk lining or fur, but inside. One simply throws his coat on a chair, and the lining comes to the fore. Nothing else. The lady only knows that she is wearing silk or fur. "

Coco Chanel's brilliant definition of luxury inspired us in creating your tailor made holidays on haute couture level. Feel yourself as in your personal fashion studio. We use the finest materials and find the perfect fit for the holiday creations - handmade for you.

Simple elements and their interaction release an effect of uniqueness. As by designer pieces we create luxury through individuality and support you long-term in style and well-being issues around the holidays.

With selected villas and boutique hotels from our mostly self- traveled portfolio with bespoke concierge services we customize your luxury holidays around the world. We advise you personally and tailor your vacation with privacy on 5-star level.

Our first class holidays "Concierge Services" as the private chef, qualified nanny, yoga teacher, photographer or even an exclusive car, boat and jet rentals are the accessories for the perfect holiday-style.

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